Trekking, mountain bike, horse-riding

The Cornia valley is the ideal place for lovers of trekking, mountain bikes and horse-riding, but also for anybody who loves to walk along stimulating pathways where the rhythm of your footfalls is in harmony with that of your thoughts.

You can walk along paths overlooking the sea on the promontory stretching between Piombino and Populonia, itineraries where the sea meets the land, just right for everybody.

Other pathways connect the sea of San Vincenzo and the hills of Campiglia Marittima, running through an uncontaminated, wild nature which houses a number of settlements of historic interest going from the Etruscan period through the low medieval up to the ore extraction of the first years of the 20th century.

The whole territory is rich in trekking routes passing through archaeology and nature, to journey through the Mediterranean scrub around the hillside councils of Suvereto, Sassetta and Campiglia Marittima, and those on the coast – Piombino and San Vincenzo.

To lend a hand in starting up the discovery of the Cornia valley, here are some maps of the free pathways in the territory.

Download the pathways of the Piombino Promontory

Download the pathways in San Vincenzo

Download the pathways in the Montioni Park (Suvereto, Piombino, Follonica)

Carte Trekking

Carta Trekking - Val di Cornia - (2,5 Mb - Download ZIP)
carta_trekking_montioni_1024_lowCarta Trekking - Montioni - (3,1 Mb - Download ZIP)
Carta Trekking Poggio Neri - Sassetta (Download - 34 Mb - PDF)
Carta Trekking Promontorio Piombino (Download - 0,3 Mb - PDF)
Carta Trekking San Vincenzo (Download - 2,6 Mb - PDF)