The Val di Cornia and its sea

Parco_costiero_della_sterpaia_lowLying in Tuscany, in front of the island of Elba, the Cornia valley is a valid alternative to traditional tourist destinations. The last stretch of the sea along the Costa degli Etruschi – or Etruscan Coast, it is home to some extraordinary sites, places that just shouldn’t be missed, which add an element of exultant intimacy. An oasis of serene isolation, perfect for walks, bicycle rides and trekking excursions, side by side with archaeological parks and museums.

This is a landscape of countless nuances, which offers a rich and varied choice, a different way to live out your holidays. The shores of the Cornia valley are characterised by sandy beaches alternating with stretches of rocky outcrops, all this surrounded by pinewoods and lush mediterranean scrubland. This, together with a particularly mild climate, makes the area ideal for a seaside holiday. Everyone will find a ‘corner of paradise’ here, whether they are looking for lively beaches or simply a moment of relaxation, whether they love getting to the numerous small bays that enrich the coastline or are simply a family looking for a ‘safe’ sea for their children.

It is a landscape of a thousand faces, with a rich and ample offer, a different way to spend the holidays.