Spa and wellness

Spa and wellnessA territory with a wealth of spas, springs and wellness centres, ideal places to relax and tone-up both body and spirit; this is the Cornia valley, thanks to the thermal establishments at Venturina Terme and Sassetta.

The thermal waters of Venturina were already well-known in ancient times, under the name of Aquae Populoniae. In the Etruscan period the population of Populonia used them, and after this the Romans appreciated yet more their healing properties.

Today a Thermal Park has grown up here, an extensive area rich in springs including the Calidario wellness centre and spa, the Terme of Venturina, where there is the new Hotel Terme with swimming pools and a spa, and the historic Hotel Terme di Caldana, which opened as the Bagni Caterina back in 1904. There is also a fitness and tennis centre with a swimming pool, along with various residences and places to eat.

The thermal springs are different one from the other as regards the temperature, but they are practically identical from the point of view of their chemical composition. Classified as sulphate-calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate-earth alkaline waters, they are recommended for therapeutic treatment of illnesses involving respiratory difficulties, ear, nose and throat problems, rheumatism, digestive difficulties, and peripheral vasculopathy. Under an agreement with the Italian National Health Service, it is possible to use the waters of Venturina Terme to treat rheumatic maladies of the bones and articulation, and those related to respiratory function.

The thermal springs of Sassetta are to be found in the biodynamic holiday farm ‘Podere la Ceretta’, surrounded by dense Mediterranean scrub. Here the effect of the thermal waters, which come out at some 50°C at around 200 litres per minute, are taken together with integrated holistic treatments. Thanks to a particular concentration of sulphate-calcium-hyperthermal elements, the waters give excellent therapeutic results for respiratory functions and also on the skin and the osteomuscular system.

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