Why pay a visit here?

The Cornia valley: a holiday amidst the sea, nature, archaeology, wellness, and food and wine.

val-di-cornia-promontorioOverlooking the island of Elba, the valley is a valid alternative to traditional holiday destinations. This last stretch of the Costa degli Etruschi is home to some extraordinary sights, places not to be missed that open up an intimate, stimulating dimension. Oases of serene tranquillity ideal for walking, cycling and trekking excursions lie side by side with archaeological parks and museums.

Cradle of the ancient Etruscan and Roman civilisations, whose remains have been jealously preserved here down through the centuries, it is the perfect place to live out a unique experience, one characterised by a dynamic intermingling of art, culture, nature and wellness, along with sport and gastronomy.

The Cornia valley is a land that offers enchanting scenery spread between the hillsides covered in luxuriant vegetation and a sea with uncontaminated beaches, many of which have been awarded the prestigious ‘Bandiera Blu’ for quality.