Mosaics between dream and reality on the Sailor’s Walk in San Vincenzo

Seven meters in height and twenty kilograms of weight: it is the Sailor, the imposing bronze statue by master Giampaolo Talani for the renewed tourist port of San Vincenzo. Of great suggestion it is the arrival point of a 800 meter long walk.

On one hand the safe harbor, on the other the magic of the waves and the wind.

Those who go to the Sailor have a purpose, Talani says, staying at least a peaceful moment , for that was positioned there, in the square it would become a monument, instead it is a symbol. Look far to the sea.

This is the thread that links the Sailor to the works of artist Daniela Troina Magri, winner of the national competition promoted by Fidapa Bpw with the town hall of San Vincenzo.

roman artist interpreted the sailor’s walk. Along the way are visible the six mosaics that are the translation of his watercolors. Mosaics that recall the theme of the sea. Between dream and reality.

An artistic walk, a stage trip. Suspended between the mainland and the open sea horizon. A series of stations, places where you can stop, linking from a blue line with the company of Verdito fish, always created by Talani. A silent companion who will take you quietly to this beautiful walk amidst the sea.

Among the aspects that characterize the billboards are the appeal to respect for the place. “Do not run because the blue wire that leads to me is as fragile as an emotion”, reads in other words in Italian and English.

With this project San Vincenzo wants to offer something new to tourists and
its residents, and above all a sea space.

The six works underline the state of mind of those who ,like the Sailor ,observe with the eyes and soul the landscape.

And so every visit to San Vincenzo should include the sailor’s walk, and that every time you return he will be waiting for you.