Museo artistico della bambola – Collezione Maria Micaelli

In Museums, Suvereto

Some old rooms on the via Magenta are home to the ‘Artistic Doll Museum’. The collection on display here was formed by Maria Micaelli and donated by her; it represents an important cultural patrimony, as the expression of the continuing evolution of technical methods of manufacture and deep-seated research regarding materials – wood, papier-mâché, porcelain, biscuit and cloth. To create a link between the dolls of yesterday and those of our days, a section is given over to the dolls of the 50s, produced in rigid plastic and characterized by moving eyes and ‘speaking’ voices. To round things off, complete the vision, and aid the comprehension of the ‘doll’ phenomenon, the museum has small bookshop with pictorial materials, publications, accessories, paper dolls and other items.
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Indirizzo: Via Magenta, 14 Suvereto
Telefono: 0565 829923