Food and wine

Food and wine and the local cuisine.

Food and wineThe Cornia valley is an area to discover not only for the extraordinary heritage regarding culture and the environment, for the thermal springs, the sea, and the agricultural produce of excellent quality also make this area an interesting alternative to the traditional tourist goals. You cannot leave the region without tasting the local cuisine, dishes made with local produce and accompanied by the first-class wines of the land.

It’s a cuisine that recounts all the infinite flavours that this generous land offers, painstakingly worked by man. Alongside the wine and the olive, which together represent one of the most precious resources of the Cornia valley, it’s possible to taste fruit, vegetables, legumes and cereals, often from organic farming, as is the case with farms belonging to the Associazione Val di Cornia Bio. There are also many different types of local handmade foodstuffs such as honey, cheese and cold meats. Amongst the typical products of the area there are violet artichokes, spinach and tomatoes, to say nothing of the chestnut preserve.

The wine and oil deserve special mention.

The extra-vergine oil of the Cornia valley is a robust oil, characterised by a strong, fresh and slightly fruity scent and a sweet, faintly piquant taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is a unique dressing that harmonises perfectly with the flavours of the cookery of this land.

The pride and joy of the Cornia valley is the wine, however. This is the fortunate result of grapes from traditional vine species mixed with newer varieties. Passing through the countryside it is impossible not to be attracted by the nigh-on perfect geometry of the vineyards from which this genuine, high quality product comes, one that merits the DOC appellation (Denominazione di Origine Controllata). There are many different vineyards in the area where it is possible to taste the different varieties of wine and oil, and also to purchase other farm produce.

The area of production is also part of the Consorzio Strade del Vino e dell’Olio Costa degli Etruschi.
To help you on your way here, we can offer a list of the agricultural agencies in the area, and we would also invite you to visit our blog on the cuisine of the region, where you will find some of the secrets of our dishes.

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